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Encounter Youth Green Team, Online Training Platform

Encounter Youth Green Team®

Online Training Platform

Since 1999, Encounter Youth has mobilised hundreds of volunteers annually to serve young people across South Australia through our various programs. Our goal is help young people encounter God and make a difference in the world.

This online platform serves to support our in-person training and resource our volunteers as we  serve together as the Encounter Youth Green Team®.

We invite you to have a look around the new OTP’s main pages to see what’s planned for 2024. While the secondary pages are protected behind a loginwall, you are welcome to login using your login credentials. If you don’t have login details, please contact us and we’ll get you registered.

The new courses will be released from February 2024. However, the HSP training over December 2023 and January 2024 will continue as usual.
Let’s paint the world green!

Our Training Roadmap

In this three-course module, we explore The Message of Jesus, Servant Evangelism and Intercessory Prayer.

In this three-course module, we cover all the training required to volunteer in our programs.

Training Roadmap, Green Team, Encounter Youth

Required Elective

In this three-course module, we cover cross-cultural missions and Operation Japan.

In this multiple-course module, we cover foundational topics for ministry and leadership.

How Our Training Works

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  • We require all our volunteers to start with the Discipleship Training, as this sets the foundation for the rest of the training roadmap.

    To serve in any of our programs, we require our volunteers to complete the first course in the Volunteer Training. Additional courses may be required depending on where you want to get involved.

    We encourage all our volunteers to do the first two courses of the Missions Training, as this training will enlarge your perspective on God’s redemption plan. All three courses are required if you wish to participate in Operation Japan.

    In 2025, we’ll offer elective Leadership Training courses that will further equip our volunteers to make a difference in a wide range of areas and projects.

Interested in getting started?

Green Labs

In academic circles, a learning lab is defined as a physical and digital space for observation and evaluation, a place to rethink and enrich one’s perspectives on a subject. Green Labs captures our intent to create a space for rethinking and reimaging ministry and mission.

Through Green Labs, we provide resources to our volunteers. In time, we’ll offer workshops to church and community leaders on topics related to mission, influence and leadership.

Green Team+

Once Green, Always Green

Over the years, thousands of volunteers have served in our programs. Due to the intensive nature of these frontline programs, many are unable to continue serving when life priorities, such as starting a family or a new demanding job, limit time and energy. For most, however, the heart continues to beat green and the head nods to the sentiment, “Once green, always green”.

If this speaks to you, Green Team+ offers meaningful ways to remain involved.